Best Webcam For Macbook Pro That are Actually Compatible

Macbook has recently upgraded its webcams to Facetime FHD. But still, most of the users want something better than the built-in webcam. Someone who is using a top-class Apple Macbook Pro should be using one of the high-quality external webcams available. 

To capture high-quality videos for video calling or online conferencing, Macbook Pro users can opt for an external webcam.

To upgrade your Macbook system and solve your online call recordings with high-quality and easy-to-connect aftermarket webcams.

Beware though, do not fall for every good webcam. Most of them could be a pain when connecting to Macbook Pro. We have researched too many of the webcams and found these ones that would work seamlessly with your Macbook Pro. 

Here is a quick list of webcams for Macbook Pro this year. These external webcams are compatible with all models and screen sizes of Macbook Pro models.

What parameters to consider before buying the Best Webcam For Mac?

Purchasing an external webcam is not really tough because every manufacturer makes great webcams for Macbooks. But, you need to know a few parameters to consider before buying. We also kept the same factors while researching webcams for mac and suggested these cams accordingly.

Webcam Resolution:

Resolution is the main reason why you are going for an external camera in the first place. You should always choose a high-resolution (2k or 4k) webcam. This will be a great improvement considering the original iSight camera in Mac Pro is simple HD with 1280×72 resolution.

We recommend avoiding VGA resolutions. The internal sensor of the webcam should have at least 3MP which will render a higher quality up to 1080p.

Resolutions and prices go hand in hand so you might need to compromise this factor if you are kinda on a budget.

Light and Brightness:

Mac built-in webcams are also not really good because they cannot shoot videos in dark spaces. When looking for an external webcam for mac, you will need a camera with built-in light with adjustable brightness for a better appearance in the dark. Webcams with light sensor attachments around the lens will adjust the level of brightness and make your selfie images and videos more vibrant.


You are going to move a lot when making videos of yourself or creating selfie videos while streaming. The Autofocus mechanism is really important if you show yourself or a product up close. In most webcams, precise autofocus starts from 7cm. Good quality images and smooth videos rely on accurate auto-focusing. If you are on a budget, you may get webcams for mac which could have a fixed focus. It can also keep imaging sharp up to 5m. Which is a good option for those who just want a level up from the built-in Mac Camera.

Microphone Sound Quality:

The sound capture capabilities of a webcam rely on the type of microphone it uses. If your webcam is using an omnidirectional microphone, it will record sound from every direction and can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. But, mostly when we use a webcam we need our webcam to record sound from only one direction. It is a plus if a mic can record from the direction which is recorded by the webcam and cancels out unnecessary voices and sounds. For this purpose, advanced dual microphones are used. These microphones are ai based and can help record noiseless sound from a particular direction. For streamers or peeps working from home or those who regularly connect for meetings through the internet. It is better to consider a good enough microphone with a condenser that records at least 16bit 44.k sound in your webcam for MacBook.

Hardware Connection Standards:

Apple makes its products very strict about connecting with external devices. The same is the case with the Macbook Pro. You cannot attach any device to this machine. So, before getting a webcam for Macbook Pro make sure your external cam is compatible with the mac physically. Also, keep in mind to buy the webcam can go with the latest versions of macOS.

The latest devices come with USB-C drive support and are not compatible with USB 3.0.

If you cannot find one with the USB type-c plug in your budget, try using a connector cable for that. 

Application Integration:

Most webcams for mac can work universally without an additional driver or software installation. The only thing required is compatibility between the webcam hardware and the macOS version of your MacBook. When you put a webcam on your mac and connect the USB cable from the webcam and plug it into the MacBook USB drive the universal camera software may pop up automatically. If not, you will need to install a utility specific to the particular webcam model for MacBook.

Top 5 Best External Webcams for Macbook Pro that really work

NexiGo N960E 1080P 60FPS Webcam with Ring Light

The first thing you find when you open the NexiGo N960E is the USB 3.0 to USB-C connector adaptor. This indicates you can use it with the Latest models of Macbook Pro. This webcam has its software in the package. It has a built-in ring light with one-touch adjustable brightness levels and multiple light settings from white light to warm light. When you tap on the white ring light around the lens the brightness level changes. When you long-press the light, the brightness goes to max. 

NexiGo N960E is compatible with macOS 10.6 and above. The bottom part of the webcam is a standard clip that fixes over the screen there is no rubber pad on it so it could be a little slippery. There is also a screwed hole at the bottom if you want to use it with a tripod. 

You can easily adjust the position of the N960E with coarse adjustment from the bottom clip or with fine adjustments from the camera lens itself. 

NexiGo N960E is a Full HD (FHD 1080p) webcam that captures higher resolution photos and records better quality videos at 60fps. Gives you crystal clear and sharp images and videos during calls and conferencing as compared to Mac’s built-in webcam. It is not super high quality but given the price, it is a good upgrade. 

To protect your privacy, this model of NexiGo webcam has a built-in privacy shutter just above the lens.

There is a light indicator above the lens of the webcam which indicates it is turned on and operating.

On each side of the lens, there is a mic. This Dual mic system actively cancels the surrounding noise and provides the best sound quality.

The cord is very long which is an extra benefit if you want to move your camera or put it on a tripod away from the Macbook or Apple monitor.

Reasons to Buy

  • The ring light will save you an extra $30 bucks on lightning
  • Small size
  • Easy Mac compatibility
  • Noise cancellation 

Logitech for Creators StreamCam Premium

Logi Streamcam for creators is a glass lens cam that is great at capturing vibrant images and videos with true color accuracy.

The Streamcam features high-quality 1080p videos at 60fps with smart autofocus to make your videos smooth.

The display field of view (dFOV) is wide 78degree which concerns some users. But you can easily adjust these settings from the Logitech Capture software.

Keep in mind that the Streamcam along with its beta software can work great on Macbook Pro. It could also work with some versions of Macbook air, but it is not compatible with the Mac mini M1 as far as we know.

For Macbook Pro users, who have just started on content creation. This webcam offers a nice upgrade from your built-in Facetime webcams.

The smart dual omnidirectional mic will detect your location and only capture your voice while canceling out noise at the same time.

The price tag on the StreamCam Premium is higher but the fact that it is not intended for the general user, a professional content creators should consider it without an issue.

Another cool feature of this webcam is the shifting from landscape to portrait mode by rotating the cam while mounted.

The USB-C cable is not too great as we have seen many users complain about it. But this problem is not a biggie, you can get another good aftermarket cable.

Reasons to buy

If you can afford the price, you must get this camera to bring life into your streaming and video calls with the vibrant and real-life colors of StramCam Premium.

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

Logitech Brio is one of the top-tier webcams you can use with a Macbook and stream in 4K resolution. You will know this is a high-quality camera just from its weight. It weighs almost an iPhone 12 when unboxed. 

This camera comes with a privacy shade and a thick USB to C type cable. There is also a pouch that has two partitions to put your cable/privacy shutter in one portion and your camera in the other portion of the pouch. Very convenient to carry it with you. Unlike the NexiGo its bottom foot has a rubber pad that sticks it well to the monitor with the clip.

The cable length is not too long compared to the NexiGo N960E. There is also no built-in light on this webcam, so we recommend using some extra light to get the full benefits of this high-resolution expensive webcam. Logitech Litra Glow could be a good option to use with Brio. 

It has 3 contrast adjustments which can help reduce the extra glare from windows or backlighting. It can also zoom up to 5X without compromising its resolution quality.

Brio has 3 levels of dFOV at 90,78 and 65 degrees, from a very wide angle to a single-person focus.

Logitech Brio has two omnidirectional mics which are supposed to cancel the unnecessary noise but we see there is some problem with its noise cancellation. 

To use this camera to its full capacity you will need to download the Logitech tuner software to set up different options and enable/disable various features.

Reasons to Buy

Glass lens with super high resolution

Good build quality

Way better than the original MacBook webcam

The pouch (I know! But I kinda like it)

Canon EOS as a webcam for Macbook

Surprised? Yeah, If you are a vlogger or pro streamer you must have a DSLR. Luckily for Canon camera users, the company has recently launched EOS Webcam Utility for Macbooks. You can use this super high-quality camera with your Mac Pro as a webcam to stream with high resolutions. This option is unbeatable by any webcam available but if you don’t already own a Canon, we wouldn’t suggest spending $600 on this camera just to use it as a webcam.

Why you should buy an external webcam for Macbook Pro?

There are many more reasons to go for an external webcam besides the good quality of videos they offer. 

An external webcam gives you the freedom to rotate, tilt, change the dFOV and use it around your Macbook at different positions and angles.

The extra features and settings from the companion software allow you to create ready-to-publish selfie content if you are streaming in real-time.

Most external webcams are installed with dual microphones which really enhance the sound quality.

Webcam like StreamCam allows the transition from landscape to portrait which is super convenient if you want to upload videos to social platforms such as Instagram or Tiktok.

How to set up an external webcam with Macbook Pro?

Most external webcams are plug-and-play. They have a connector from USB to C type which allows you to instantly use the cam with your MacBook’s C-type USB drive.

It is always recommended to buy a webcam with compatible software for Macbook Pro. 

This will ease the process of setting up the webcam. 

You need to install the companion software on your Macbook.

Plug the cable of your webcam into the drive of the Macbook Pro.

Then, you can either open the webcam dedicated software or any online calling platform such as skype or zoom.

From there you can select the external webcam as primary.

And finally, you can enjoy high-quality streaming, calling and conferencing with your external webcam. 

If you want to tweak the settings, use the software.


We have tried hard enough to find the best webcams that work without an issue with your Macbook Pro. We have researched well to find evidence for each of these webcams to work properly with Macbook Pro. We hope you enjoy using any of these webcams. 

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