Best Webcam For Macbook Pro That are Actually Compatible

Macbook has recently upgraded its webcams to Facetime FHD. But still, most of the users want something better than the built-in webcam. Someone who is using a top-class Apple Macbook Pro should be using one of the high-quality external webcams available.  To capture high-quality videos for video calling or online conferencing, Macbook Pro users can … Read more

Sony ZV-E10 vs Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 and Sony ZV-E10 both belong to the ZV (vlog) camera series. These two cameras are specially manufactured for Vlogging and YouTube videos. The image quality, active stabilization, auto-focusing abilities, build, size and ergonomic design of these Sony Vlogging cameras are the right choice for creating unique vlogs and YouTube streaming. The Sony … Read more

What Camera Does David Dobrik Use in 2023?

Vlogging and video content creation is a hot niche right now. Most of us who wants to create vlogs or youtube content would want good cameras and accessories to start with.  To make awesome videos that could possibly go viral it is not necessary to have a great camera or other recoding tools. And this … Read more