What Camera Does David Dobrik Use in 2023?

Vlogging and video content creation is a hot niche right now. Most of us who wants to create vlogs or youtube content would want good cameras and accessories to start with. 

To make awesome videos that could possibly go viral it is not necessary to have a great camera or other recoding tools. And this is what most youtubers and vloggers including David Dobrik suggest.

David Dobrik is a 25 years old Slovak-American youtuber with over 18million subscribers and billions of view on his channel, Vlog Squad. 

David Dobrik gets his these whooping stats on his YouTube videos with a mid tier and affordable camera Canon EOS 80D. This is the main camera David Dobrik use for his vlogging. This camera has strong and powerful features including intelligent view finder and autofocus system. In affordable price, this camera is best to record and capture any event of David Dobrik’s life.

Another camera that David Dobrik uses is the Sony DSCHX80. It is also an affordable compact camera with flip screen and 30x zoom. This camera was mostly used by David Dobrik in his early days of vlogging and video making for social media and youtube.

 Along with these cameras, David Dobrik also use a lens for professional grade photography, stable images and smooth videos. The lens is Canon 18 135mm model that is compatible with the Canon 80D camera.

Here are the key features and specifications of the cameras and lens used by David Dobrik.

Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D is an impressive choice. Compared to its predecessor 70D, this model has can capture a cleaner and sharper image. The Autofocus feature of the 80D is the most amazing. The 45-point Autofocus-System along with the Pixel AF imaging sensor can help even the beginners to focus on slow and fast moving objects. The manual focus can bring the area when tapped from the camera screen during the video. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF is great option when filming videos where bringing scenes and subjects into focus is critical.

Canon EOS 80D is without a doubt a top notch camera for videos. The 24.2 megapixel sensor works incredibly well to capture high resolution Full HD 60 fps movies and Full HD HDR movies.

The 3 inch display screen and the detailed option menu help you adjust the in camera settings and feature of your video recording realtime. This is particularly a plus for any youtuber who need ready to publish videos and do not want to waste more time editing the raw recordings. This is probably the reason why David Dobrik also use the Canon EOS 80D.

This is not the only camera David uses, and that makes sense because they are now a team and he has started recording scripted videos with his team.

Sony DSCHX80

David had also used another camera back it the early days of his vloging. This is the Sony camera model DSCHX80. One of the best feature of this model which is quite great considering its price is the flip screen option. This is specially effective for selfie recordings by vloggers…

This sony camera is also very compatible to sharing utilities for smartphones and has versatile app integration. Thats why it is much easier to share your vlogs from this camera directly on social media accounts directly from your smartphone.

Disposable camera used by David Dobrik (Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400)

To save everyday events from the life of David Dobrik he also used a disposable camera by Fujifilm. With this camera he has captured some of most amazing occurrences of his life with celebrities like Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio. The use of such camera may have lead David to create the Dispo App which is used to enhance the images from disposable cameras by adding effects. 


With a reliable and instant focus this lens is great to use with canon EOS cameras David Dobrik uses this lens with his canon 80D and the main reason could be the dynamix image stabilization feature. As a vlogger, David need to move alot and such lens would help him capture pictures and videos smoothly.

The only problem with this lens is that its aperture is slow and allow less light. This cause slightly darker recordings and captures at higher zoom. It is thus not very good for night shooting, but it is perfect for daylight with the 135mm.

Can you use the camera which David Dobrik use?

This is not a very high tier camera so you can easily use it if you are somehow familiar with using DSLR cameras. None of these cameras (Canon 80D and Sony DSCHX80) cannot shoot 4k videos. For such high resolution you would need a Canon 90D.

If you are just starting out and a  noob vlogger we recommend using simple cameras for now such as Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 Digital Camerai 12X with dynamic image stabilization. It will not record super high quality videos but it is definitely a good start if you are not used to photography and cannot get benefit of the features adjustments and various settings of a DSLR such as Canon EOS.

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